Visit our store for your BEST PRICE ON ADJUSTABLE BASES! You'll love the selection of mattress we carry and you can tie it all together with an adjustable base that will allow you to improve your sleep. Adding an adjustable base can help in so many aspects of your health including alleviating back pain and improving circulation. THEY'RE NO LONGER JUST FOR HOSPITALS. You'll get the best price, the best quality and hands down the best experience here at Hollywood Mattress in Burbank - GUARANTEED!

  • I walked in to get some information about pillows and was extremely impressed with what this store has to offer. And with Frankie. Frankie was extremely knowledgeable, and took his time explaining the different features that distinguished the various pillows from each other. Excellent customer service, without feeling that I was being pressured in any way to "just buy something, lady!" What's great about this store is that they carry some boutique brands that you don't see at most mattress and bedding stores. I agree with Jimmy B.; supporting a great small brick and mortar business. like Hollywood Mattress, is a win-win proposition. I wish Hollywood Mattress great success.

    — DEBORAH B.

  • Frank was a pleasure to deal with. He gave us a great deal on a mattress, bed frame/headboard and pillows and could not have been more fair.

    We looked all around at various mattress places and did our homework on what we wanted, but even with that Frank gave us insights we didn't consider and made our decision easy.

    I hope everyone in the market for a new bed, frame, pillows or any other furniture turn to Hollywood Mattress. They'll let you quickly if they can beat whatever prices are out there, and if so they'll make it worth your while to purchase.

    Thanks to Hollywood Mattress for all your help.

    — JON E.

  • Great service! They were able to deliver and set up my mattress the same day I bought it, and I was able to get a decent deal. Frank was super helpful and made everything hassle-free.


  • Got our new mattress in tonight as Frank promised. We visited Hollywood Mattress on Saturday also other stores as well, and Frank was very friendly, patient, kind, and informative. We tested out a few mattresses went back Sunday afternoon and purchased the right one for my wife and I based on what he knew about us and the type of sleepers we are. Mattress looks great it is very comfortable, soon we will also get the bedroom set from him as well!

    Thank you Frank!

    — HARRY A.

  • Frank took great care of me. There are tons of options when it comes to purchasing mattresses, but don't get duped by outfits running out of their garage or a storage shed! The sweetness of low price is not worth the bitterness of poor quality. Invest your money with a brick and mortar small business and you not only get good value and great service but you're supporting the small business entrepreneurs that are the back bone of America. Big box stores may stack em deep and sell em cheap, but I can tell you from experience that a mattress is NOT a Costco or Ikea type purchase. (Despite the great return policy do you really want to lug that thing back to Costco once you've realized it wasn't the right fit for you because you couldn't try it in store.... Been there, not doing that again...) Come to a show room, try a few options, find the right fit for you from a knowledgeable sales person who knows their product and can explain the difference between a rock hard and a plush mattress. You're body and mind will thank you after a good night's sleep. The memory foam mattress I got just gave me a great night's sleep and I think I slept even better knowing it came with a warranty and a store that would help honor it if I need it! Parking at this locating is limited, so swing around back to the alley where they have dedicated parking and start sleeping better!

    JIMMY B.

    — HARRY A.

  • I went in Hollywood Mattress and was greeted by Frank who was very helpful. He has excellent customer service skills and is very acknowledgeable which made it effortless. He helped me find my mattress I was looking for within my price range and delivered the next day. I'm happy with the mattress & frame I bought. Highly recommend this place!

    — TRACY H.

  • So glad to have found this place. Frank absolutely made my weekend! I went in close to closing time (so sorry!), and he took great care of me, answered all my questions, gave me a ton of information on the different mattresses, and made sure I was happy with my purchase. I had bought the mattress for one of my boys and he absolutely loves it. I cannot recommend this local gem enough. If you're looking for a quality mattress at a good price with some awesome customer service then look no further. Frank is your guy!!!

    — MAGGIE D.

  • After calling around for the best price, I found this place to be the most reasonable. Frank was courteous and friendly, not the typical pushy salesman type. I made a purchase with no hassle. I definitely recommend this place!

    — CINDY N.

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